Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Barbies Eliminated!

I was sorry to see The Barbies go this week on The Amazing Race. I was hoping they'd win and show the world that you can be blonde and not dumb, but it seems they showed the world you can be blonde and overconfident. (They fell behind last week when they drove past the turnoff they needed while they were chuckling to themselves on how well they were doing.)

Anyway, somehow the three couples left just don't seem worth rooting for. The two male models are cute, but they make the male models in Zoolander seem brilliant. The male/female couple that's left fight so much I was glad to see them being hit by tomatoes. And did anyone else think she looked a little freaked out when he announced how much he wants to marry her? I guess I'm left rooting for Alabama, even though they've been pitted against the blondes for weeks. But hey, they're the first all female couple to make it to the finals.

Up this month is on the Girlfriend's Cyber Circuit is repeat visitor Kyra Davis. Kyra has a new novel out that's different from her first two chick mysteries Sex, Murder And A Double Latte and Passion Betrayal And Killer Highlights.

Kyra was married to man diagnosed with a bipolar disorder. The symptoms were barely noticeable at first. But as the marriage wore on, her husband’s erratic behavior — lies about his job, his extravagant spending sprees using her credit cards that almost resulted in her filing for bankruptcy, his fits of temper and other highly unsettling behavior — led to her divorce.

In her latest book, SO MUCH FOR MY HAPPY ENDING, she writes about what happens when the man you marry turns out to be someone entirely different from the man you dated. How do you recognize the difference between mental illness and the usual marital problems that afflict all couples? How could a man who was so romantic and loving turn out to be bipolar ?

So Much For My Happy Ending is her third novel, and it sounds fascinating.

I asked her the usual questions...

Are you a TV watcher?


What's your favorite show ever?

Last time I was on here I said WKRP---I might have to revise that. I had forgotten about Frasier and I also LOVE The Daily Show and The Colbert Report

What TV character (past or present) do you identify with most?

I’m sure I had a brilliant answer last time I toured here but right now I can only think of Jon Stewart. I know he’s not a “character” but I always feel like I get where he’s coming from

Does your main character watch any TV in the novel?

She’s a One Life To Live fan

For more on Kyra visit her website and blog.

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