Wednesday, September 27, 2006

That's Karin Gillespie, not Kayne Gillaspie

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?
(Comment overheard under the hair dryer at the Dazzling Do’s in Karin Gillespie's new novel DOLLAR DAZE.)

Up this week on the GCC tour is our co-founder Karin Gillespie. (So I want to do a good job here, and I will try not to digress into writing about the multitude of shows I've watched over the past couple days. Her novel is DOLLAR DAZE, and it has a starred review in Booklist among many other wonderful write-ups.

Now, Karin Gillespie is not to be confused with Kayne Gillaspie, who was eliminated from PROJECT RUNWAY last week. (I just saw the new episode, by the way, and I know I shouldn't interject here, but this was the ONE WEEK I really LIKED Jeffrey Sebelia's dress -- and I don't like him, so it's hard for me to admit this -- but all the judges insulted it. Heidi even said it looked like a milkmaid's dress! And this is one of the few outfits on the show that I've actually thought I might want to wear, so what does that say about me? I mean, excuse me if I don't want to wear something with a huge slit down the front, like every single thing Laura Bennett designs and wears. Should she really be going to the finals? At least it will be entertaining to see her big and pregnant -- maybe she'll wear a belly shirt for us.

Michael Knight, okay, the judges have loved him along, and Uli Herzner pulled off a really cute dress this week, but why bend the rules and let all four go? Why not let Alison Kelly go too?)


Karin Gillespie has a funny explanation on her website on how to pronounce her name, cuz she's from the South. (And, by the way, I also saw the results show for DANCING WITH THE STARS and I was sorry to see Harry eliminated. It was definitely Jerry Springer's turn -- even he knew that -- and we all still want to see Harry loosen up some more. Poor Lisa Rinna is going to outdance him forever, or leave him for Louis Van Amstel, her partner from last time, who could be Harry's twin.)


Karin says her name is pronounced Car In as in "Is that your car in the street with the bumper hanging off?" And she says her Southern friends call her "Corn" as in "Children of the." And her last name is pronounced same as Gillespie like Dizzy, though no relation. And Kayne Gillespie isn't related either, because his last name is GILLASPIE.

ANYWAY. DOLLAR DAZE is about Mavis Loomis, Birdie Purdy, and Gracie Tobias, widows in their mid-sixties are certain their dating days are over until they observe their friend eighty-something Attalee Gaines in tempestuous relationship with Dooley Prichard, a trifocal-wearing charmer. If it’s not too late for Attalee, how can it be too late for them?

Karin's books have been selected as featured alternatives for Doubleday and Literary Guild book clubs. And her novel BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR has been optioned for film by the actor James Woods! (Now he would be an interesting contestent on DANCING WITH THE STARS, wouldn't he?) Karin also has a story called TRASH TALK in THIS IS CHICKLIT (in which I also have a story...)

I have no doubt that Karin's book is funny and charming, just like she is. I asked her the usual questions:

Are you a TV watcher?

I mainly watch TV when I lift weights because it makes me forget I’m hefting fifty pounds over my head. My favorite channel is E! (especially when they are airing True Hollywood Stories.)

What's your favorite show ever?

SEX AND THE CITY. I’ve probably seen all the episodes at least four or five times. The writing is spectacularly clever. Plus it allows me to take a mini-holiday to New York every time it’s on. The city was as much of a character as the four women.

What TV character (past or present) do you identify with most?

Mary Ann, especially when she was trying to be Ginger. I’m a Mary Ann who has wanted to be a Ginger all my life. But now I’m edging into Mrs. Howell territory.

Does your main character watch any TV in the novel?

One of them watches reruns of MURDER SHE WROTE when she’s lonely. In my last novel DOLLAR SHORT I had a character who was completely addicted to LAW AND ORDER.

One other thing I wanted to mention, since we do have a southern theme here tonight. Sara Evans was so cute this week on DANCING WITH THE STARS, wasn't she? Every girl needs a good pair of cowgirl boots.

ANYWAY. For more on Karin visit her website!

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