Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Spare me the "in jokes"

I saw STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP (is that bulky title or what?) last night and it put me in a cranky mood. I like Amanda Peet, but was she high or something? That show made me cranky. It was just so... so... so... WHAT? Umm.... arrogant! There were too many successful people being successful. (I'm not sure if I'm talking about the creators or the actors or the characters, but whatever.) And it was just so... cool. And very annoying how NBC put down people who watch THE APPRENTICE and FEAR FACTOR (I happen to like watching blondes with implants eating bugs) especially considering those are their own shows. (Don't you hate in jokes?) I think the ultimate goal of that show is to make the viewer feel like a TV watching idiot.

It certainly didn't compare with the REAL TV moments you got on THE AMAZING RACE Sunday night. I haven't watched that show for a couple cycles -- the one with the families had so much sniping, I couldn't take it. But I used to like it, and what else is there to do on Sunday night? Especially since I don't like DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Anyway, it was truly amazing to watch the woman with one leg run up the stairs of the Great Wall of China with her boyfriend telling her how wonderful she was, only to find out they'd gone the wrong way. Then she had to scale the wall with that one leg -- wow. I could make a comment about how it was the last "leg" of the race but that would be in bad taste. The "two beards" were destined not to make it --they took too much time praying, and god knows they never would've made it up the Great Wall anyway... But I was just not emotionally prepared for TWO eliminations. And I was sorry to see the Indian couple go. They seemed sweet. If only I got along so well with my husband.

STUDIO 60 most certainly did not make me all warm and fuzzy like DANCING WITH THE STARS did tonight. Can I please see a rerun of Emmet's dance? So cute. I don't want to vote anyone off -- they are all trying so hard.

Hey -- Henry Gibson from Laugh-In is a judge on BOSTON LEGAL right now! Remember when he used to hold a flower and recite a poem? No, of course not, you're too young. Anyway...

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