Thursday, September 14, 2006

Project Runway -- One Day You're In

The next day you’re out.

And the next day you’re in again.

I missed writing about the last two shows, but in a way it doesn’t matter, because Vincent Libretti and Angela Keslar were brought back.

I was not too thrilled to see them. Neither were the remaining designers, of course. Heidi Klum said something like, “they wanted to make sure the right people won.” We all know Angela and Vincent are not the best designers – so were the producers just trying to bring out more tension among the remaining people? Did they just want to give us a chance to hear Jeffrey Sebelia tells us again and again how much he hates Angela? Great. Thanks.

Laura told Angela that she didn’t deserve to come back because she was just the team leader when she won. Um, is that not incredibly obnoxious? And why was Laura drinking champagne? She’s pregnant! She actually began to almost cry (could be hormonal), and I figured she was a goner because they interviewed her so much, but guess what, she won. Admittedly, her dress was pretty cute.

Kayne Gillaspie and Jeffrey Sebelia were the final two. Jeffrey is so unpleasant and hostile I just knew they wouldn’t get rid of him. So it was good-bye to Kayne.

They did a poll of which past designer should’ve been brought back. Alison Kelly won – 82% wanted her back. So lots of people feel the way I do. They should’ve brought her and Malan Breton back, too. Remember him? He left way too early.

A note about the commercials. I’m really tired of the identity theft ad with the black guy talking like a valley girl, aren’t you? Seen it, seen it, seen it. Susan Sarandon in the Macy’s ad – did she have some work done? She did not look real. And why did Daniel Vosovik get a Saturn? He didn’t win.

Everyone was sorry to see Kayne Gillespie go. He seemed like a truly nice guy. As Vincent said, the deeper they get into the show, “the more you see the true nature of people.” The amazing thing about Vincent is that no matter how many times the judges insult his work, he still believes he’s really talented. “I do it so damn well,” he said. “It’s a gift.” With that kind of delusional self-aggrandizement, I’m surprised he isn’t more successful.

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