Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dancing With the Stars -- the guilty pleasure continues

It’s time again for Dancing With the Stars, and once again I found I had to overcome a huge amount of shame and embarrassment at the idea of watching this show. Whenever a family member passed through the room I'd pretent to flip some channels just to throw them off my scene.

Last week, when I saw the line up of sub-lebrities, I thought that this time around would be blah and the show would lose its appeal.

And then…

Tucker Carlson took the floor, and I was seduced all over again. Okay, kidding. Tucker made Master P seem like Fred Astaire and should be gotten rid of immediately. But there were some pleasant surprises.

Mario Lopez was adorable, had extreme hip action, and was already proclaimed to be the one to beat. He and his dancing partner Karina Smirnoff looked like a real couple. Emmitt Smith seemed like he would be a big, clumsy piece of furniture and ended up charming everyone with his dancing and his personality.

Harry Hamlin, Lisa Rinna’s husband, is there to learn to “loosen up.” It was sweet to see that Lisa Rinna, who was a pretty good contender last season despite the distraction of her lips (can she please just make some sort of public statement about the situation with those lips?) has to be content with a husband who can’t dance. (I bet lots of women are identifying here…) It doesn’t really look like the show will solve that problem – seems like it’s one of those things you either have or you don’t. I’m curious to see how long he’ll last.

Joey Lawrence, who used to be on one of my favorite old shows Blossom, was good -- but the throbbing vein on his forehead was reminding me a little too much of Stacy Kiebler from last season. (Evidently she’s left the wonderful world of wrestling and has signed some sort of deal with Disney. From the WWE to Mickey Mouse…)

There were two blondes. One I’d never heard of. Willa Ford? Pop singer? Huh? Am I so out of it? Anyway, she seems like a much better partner for misogynist Max Chmerkovskiy, who gave Tia Carrere such a hard time last cycle. Willa looks like she can take his crap and she wasn’t a bad dancer. The other one is a Shanna Moakler, who is going through a divorce from Travis Barker – they did the reality show Meet the Barkers. Shanna was a Playboy centerfold in 1991, and Miss Teen USA in 1992 (I thought that sort of thing used to disqualify one from those pageants. I guess times have changed…) She has 3 children, by the way, two with Barker and one with Oscar de la Hoya!

Sara Evans, a country singer, didn’t wow the judges and did seem kind of stiff. But it was too bad because she looked like she’d been having fun with the whole process until she got dumped on by all the judges. She looks like she might be the first to go – it’s easy for voters to rationalize that she’s too busy anyway, what with being on the road with her singing plus having two little kids running around -- but I hope she gets another chance.

The youngest “star” Monique Coleman, who was in High School Musical, was pretty good, but looked a little too emotionally vulnerable for the process, and was already almost in tears when she was being critiqued. Vivica Fox, on the other hand, the only woman over 40 we’re told, looks tough and looks like she’ll be around awhile.

Who else? Ah yes. Jerry Springer. I just wanted to tell him to get his dirty hands off his dance instructor’s tushie. She had the cutest Australian accent, though.

Willa Ford sang "Kiss Me Deadly" in '88...a one hit wonder!
1988? She must be older than she looks. And... should I know that song?
I'm wrong...I just checked this on's Lita Ford who sang that song. So, I have no idea who Willa is either :(
I don't even know who Lita Ford is!
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