Thursday, August 03, 2006

Project Runway's Keith Running with Scissors and Pattern Books

So Keith was kicked off Project Runway. Just when I was really enjoying not liking him. Arrogant people are always so fascinating, plus the guy looks like a model. It's too bad... and I bet the producers didn't want to have to let him go either. But as we know, this was not his first infraction. He didn't design an outfit for his dog last episode, either. The guy is just "above" the rules. On the project runway site, he says his favorite books are DRESS YOUR FAMILY IN CORDORY AND DENIM by David Sedaris and RUNNING WITH SCISSORS by Augusten Burroughs. Funny title choices (for a designer). Ha ha, Keith.

Anyway, the challenge this week was tough. Design attractive clothes for a mediocre Macy's line. Kind of a conundrum. Angela redeemed herself (though I'm sure this is only temporary) and I have to say, I for one like the rosettes. They're auctioning the outfit on the Project Runway site and the bid is now in the $600s. But didn't they say this outfit would eventually be sold in Macys? And the one they made for the show is size 0 for someone 6 feet tall. Hey, how many of you are out there?

Oh -- newsflash: YOU COULD DO BETTER has been sited in Barnes and Noble. (By me.) Yay!

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