Thursday, August 17, 2006

Project Runway Losing its Thread?

I was away last week, but am all caught up on Project Runway. God knows, they rerun the episodes so many times it's almost impossible to avoid them. I am actually a little bit mad at the Project Runway powers-that-be right now, so I can't even comment on last week's show. (Except to say can you please tell me how Bradley Baumkirchner can really be so ignorant about who Cher is?)

But what I really want to know is: how could they get rid of Alison Kelly? And keep Victor Libretti? Who has been in the bottom three almost every week? I just don't get it. I mean, I understand that they keep people around for entertainment value, but Alison qualifies as entertaining in that she is pretty and smart and has an interesting way of speaking and has done some really good designs. Vincent is entertaining in that he is somewhat unbalanced and delusional. And it almost seems like they're trying to get rid of all the women except for Laura, who gets more confrontational every show (was her entire breast showing in that shot when she is insulting Vincent?) and Angela, who has made a few enemies. (Uli Herzner, who is calm and has done well so far, should feel nervous -- she may be "out" next.)

So I ask: is this show in the end really just about cat fighting? I hope not. We don't need all the drama. We love this show because we love to see talented people face these challenges and create these fashions. It was about "doing": not showing people at their worst, but showing people at their best. That's why this show was better than so many other reality shows. Please, producers, please don't underestimate your viewers like this.


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