Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Martha O'Connor's THE BITCH POSSE not exactly FRIENDS

Up this week on the GCC is Martha O'Connor, whose novel THE BITCH POSSE is coming out in paperback.

My novel YOU COULD DO BETTER is theoretically out today! However, I did not see it at my local bookstore. Maybe sometime soon, though...

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

THE BITCH POSSE has been described as a taut, psychological thriller and is the story of three girlfriends. It goes back and forth between their high school days and their adult lives. The women are not in touch anymore, but they share a secret, something violent, something sexy, something... I WANT TO KNOW! Sounds great. I asked Martha the usual questions.

Are you a TV watcher?

I do watch certain types of TV, namely, reality television. I have very little patience for TV dramas, for some reason.

What's your favorite show ever?

I adore Project Runway. I think this is because I am vicariously enjoying the world of haute couture. I live in peasant blouses and jeans, so it’s not as if I would wear any of this stuff. But I just love looking at innovative designs, delectable fabrics, and beautiful trims. The backstabbing doesn’t hurt either!

What TV character (past or present) do you identify with most?

Ooh, boy. This is a toughie. I guess I would say I relate to Vyvyan from The Young Ones the most of all.

If you have not seen The Young Ones (a British television series), Vyvyan is a homicidal maniac who also happens to be a medical student. Vyvyan and his flatmates--hippie Neil, political activist Rick, and boring guy Mike—attend the local school, Scumbag College. Orange-haired and multi-pierced, Vyvyan is into punk rock, setting bombs and eating dead rats. An excerpt:

RICK: Oh, no. The front door's exploded.
MIKE: Vyvyan!
RICK: Vyvyan!
VYVYAN: Vyvyan, Vyvyan, Vyvyan! Honestly, whenever anything explodes in this house, it's always "Blame Vyvyan!"
MIKE: Well, who do you suggest we blame?
RICK: Thatcher!
VYVYAN: No! Blame whoever rang the doorbell because they obviously triggered off the bomb I set up.

While I am have a sweet veneer (maybe—if you squint a little), I am actually quite like Vyvyan. I share his spirit and flair for the insane.

Does your main character watch any TV in the novel?

The only thing I can think of is there’s a scene in the book where Amy’s watching a rerun of Friends, and getting loaded by herself. It’s ironic because she’s at a stage in her life where she doesn’t really have any friends, except these all-too-real memories of these girls she knew so long ago.

For more info on Martha visit her website and blog.

And if I ever get a dog, I'm naming him (or her) Vyvyan. That's hilarious.

"Theoretically out" - I love it. I have it on my wish list.
I know these pub dates are just "approximate" but still, had to keep myself from asking one of the clerks if, um, maybe it was sitting in the back and they forget to put it out or something...? Thanks for having me on your list!
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