Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dear Project Runway Producers...

The task last night on Project Runway was for the designers to make an outfit for the mothers (and in a couple cases sisters) of the other designers. Of course, these were "real people," not size 0 young things, and this proved to be the biggest challenge of all -- even harder than last week's challenge of using garbage to make a dress.

The results were incredibly ugly. I mean yuck. Really bad. I almost felt like they sped up the runway segment so we couldn't get a good look at the clothes. Vincent won, and even though he's annoyed me in the past, I have to say he did at least design something halfway attractive.

Robert Best was finally eliminated. Once again his creation was incredibly boring. Everyone was so sad to see him go -- he seemed truly liked. This was probably the real reason he had do go. I don't think he ever had a fight with anyone.

The drama this week centered around Jeffrey Sebelia with the neck tattoos and Angela Keslar and how he drove her mother to tears. And Laura Bennett announced on camera she was pregnant with her 6th child even though she had not yet told her mother this news or her husband. When questioned about how much work it was to have so many kids, she said something along the lines of "throwing another one on the pile." She obviously wants to avoid elimination and knows it's not her designs that will determine her fate but her ability to provide sound bites.

But really, enough of this.

Dear Project Runway Producers,

Can we please leave the focus on the design challenges instead of neurotic tiffs? And why-oh-why are you just giving them ONE DAY to design the outfits? So the show can fit into some sort of production schedule? You used to give them two days. And a half hour to come up with an idea? Come on! The designers now all have to rush like crazy to finish, and nothing looks as good as it would if they were given a decent amount of time. Give them a chance to do their work and do it well. That's what we want to see.

Ruffled Viewer

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