Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The World Series... and we're not talking baseball

Did I actually watch The World Series of Pop Culture on VH1? Yes. Two nights in a row. Why am I being entertained by this? First of all, I was in shock to see that Pat Kiernan has a profile. I’m used to seeing him on NY 1 news, where he anchors in the morning. Does this count as his big break? Or has he now lost all credibility?

Second of all, I saw that it takes place at the Ziegfeld Theatre in midtown, one of the nicest, biggest, one-screen movie theaters left in this city. (Could it be the only one-screen movie theater left in the city?) And, by the way, this is NOT the actual location of the original Ziegfeld Theatre, where the Ziegfeld Follies Vaudeville acts happened. That was down the block, was demolished, and is now the site of a high-rise office building. Okay, I admit, I only know this because I googled it.

Third of all, I was horrified at how many answers I didn’t know. I always prided myself on being bad at Jeopardy because there were so few questions about TV and movies. I always used to defend myself by insisting that different people know different things and I happened to know the fun stuff, not the boring stuff. Now I’m faced with the sad fact that I would lose Jeopardy even if there were only fun stuff questions. Because that’s basically what this is: Jeopardy for slackers. But it’s organized like a sport’s competition. Teams of three compete against each other. The teams that prevail will go on to compete again later until one “champion” is left.

Sure, I know some of these questions… (What sitcom starring Heather Graham was cancelled after just one episode? Emily’s Reasons Why Not… which I wrote about here, by the way…) But I should’ve known more. I should’ve kicked butt. And I was just… mediocre. My brain kept freezing! I made stupid errors. It is humbling.

Irony of ironies, I happened to watch the final question on Jeopardy when I was channel flipping earlier today, and I knew the question to the final answer: a company that first made their product out of Detroit in 1903. What is Ford? Yes! I got it. Hmmm. Maybe Jeopardy isn’t so hard.

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