Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Project Runway just so emotionally wrenching

I didn't expect to like Malan. As a matter of fact I thought he was going to be one of the evil players this season. But he actually seemed kind of nice this episode, and he said how he was glad to have the chance to be meeting the other designers, and I thought "awww, how sweet." And I began to care for him when he mentioned how his mother told him when he was 13 that his designs would go nowhere, so he really had something to prove, so I began to pull for him. And then he was quite decent when he was asked who on his team should go if his gown was to lose and he said that HE should be the one. AND THEN HE GOT KICKED OFF!

And that annoying Vincent got to stay. Even though he wouldn't even LET Angela help him with his gown, and then he totally dissed her to the judges. (And why didn't Angela tell them how he wouldn't let her do anything?) I dunno, maybe we were missing something in the editing.

At least they didn't kick Angela off. That just wouldn't have been fair. I'm reserving judgement on her, but she really was in an impossible situation, or so it seemed to me. Vincent absolutely failed at team work AND his dress was not good (except for the back, okay, so you like it when she's leaving the room) and last week he made that stupid hat and was almost kicked off, so perhaps his days are numbered.

Maybe Project Runway was getting back at Malan because he rejected them before. (Evidently he tried out for the show before, was asked to be on it, and then he said he didn't want to do it.)

Did you know you can bid on the clothes they design if you go to the project runway site? Isn't that cool? And they don't seem to get bid up all that high. Maybe I'll go bid on Jeffrey's dress. It's still only ten bucks!

OH DUDE. I am ALL ABOUT P.R. this season. Best season yet, and only two eps in. I AM SO SAD ABOUT MALAN! I ADORED him and his obvious emotional stunting and his eyebrows and his glossy pelt. He was my FAVORITE. Now I like Laura and I want to drown Vincent in bleach.
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