Thursday, July 27, 2006

Project Runway Dog-goned Good

Have I ever mentioned I love dogs?

Five more days until YOU COULD DO BETTER is out in stores!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I had a dachsund when I was little, but we had to give him away because my brother was allergic. Anyway, I was delighted last night when the task was to design matching outfits for the models and little doggies. So cute. The main drama on the show surrounded Bradley, who was having trouble getting it together and threatened to "bow wow out" (get it, get it?) for the runway show. He did manage to pull something together, though, which the judges ended up loving, so ya never know... Keith continues to be incredibly arrogant and everyone knows it so he will probably make it to the end, for entertainment value, just like Santino. So annoying that he seems to sew really well and is so handsome, too. Uli (who won) would also appear to be an early frontrunner. Angela keeps coming in near last -- they said her design looked trashy. (Though Vera Wang actually seemed to like it a bit.)Alison seemed to think she was going to win and showed obvious disappointment that she didn't. I did like her white ensemble better than Uli's.

Has anyone noticed that you can't turn on the TV without channel flipping by a rerun of Project Runway?

Next week someone does something bad and gets kicked off. I can't wait.

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