Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lauren Barnholdt's So-Called Life

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Lauren Barnholdt's YA novel REALITY CHICK has a fun premise. Five college students shack up together to be filmed for a reality show. It's like REAL WORLD goes to college. It was a Teen People pick: “An oh-so-accurate portrayal of what goes on behind closed dorms..” And author Sarah Mlynowski, who co-wrote with Farrin Jacobs the how-to-write-chicklit book SEE JANE WRITE (and is also the author of MILKRUN and AS SEEN ON TV among others) calls it hilarious.

Lauren Barnholdt is 26-years-old and lives in Connecticut. She teaches an online course that I hear is excellent called How to Write and Sell the YA Chick-lit Novel. I asked her the usual questions...

Are you a TV watcher?

YES. I love TV. Although I must confess that I’m a season behind on a lot of really good shows, like Lost and Desperate Housewives. This is because I get so impatient that I make myself wait for them to come out on DVD, so that I can watch episode after episode.

What's your favorite show ever?

Eeek, I have to pick just one? Hmm.. probably Friends.

What TV character (past or present) do you identify with most?

Angela Chase from My So-Called Life. She was just this great, multi-layered character that I think almost everyone could identify with.

Does your main character watch any TV in the novel?

Yup. She watches Lifetime movies when she gets upset. And of course, everyone else watches HER on TV, since she’s on reality show.

To learn more about Lauren and her so-called life, visit her website and blog.

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