Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Deborah LeBlanc (surprise) loved DARK SHADOWS

The most important thing you need to know about born and bred horror maven Deborah LeBlanc is that she's a licensed death scene investigator and an active member of two, national paranormal investigation teams. Her debut novel, FAMILY INHERITANCE, includes some of her experiences as a trained treateur (Cajun Healer), and her second novel, GRAVE INTENT, incorporates some of her unusual encounters in funeral service. Her brand new supernatural thriller A HOUSE DIVIDED has been described as "Equal parts Edgar Allan Poe, Anne Rice and Stephen King - with a generous helping of jambalaya and crawfish pie."

You can visit her website, where you can view a trailer on her new book. She tells me she's too busy to watch TV (too busy communicating with the dead, no doubt) but you will not be surprised to know that DARK SHADOWS was once of her favorite shows as a kid. Used to be one of my favorites too... of course, I was negative ten years old when that came out.

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