Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Is The Bachelor going to the dogs?

Is this freaky, or what? Yesterday I blogged about Alison Pace and her new novel Pug Hill. Today I find out that the next Bachelor has been announced for the ninth edition next Fall -- and he has his own company selling high end grooming products for dogs!

According to the ABC press release, the new Bachelor, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, is "a handsome 33-year-old cosmetics entrepreneur" who is grandson to Princess Marcella Borghese of the Princess Marcella Borghese Cosmetics Line. Cosmetics, I repeat, FOR DOGS.

This time the show is going to be set in Rome.

In his words: "I followed my ancestor's tradition of formulating the finest natural products in the world when I created Royal Treatment's bath and body line. However, this skin care line is for pets, not people! I created this line out of necessity as I came up empty-handed when searching for effective safe products to use on Belle, my eleven-year-old black lab as the products I used simply didn't work. They left her skin dry and itchy, her coat became dull and I had to wash her constantly because, well because....she smelled like a dog."

A man whose mission in life is to get dogs to not smell like dogs. Hmmm.... the next batch of women on the show better use their deodorant or, well, I'd have to say they will be barking up the wrong tree.

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