Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pepper Dennis could use a dash of Salt

I saw five minutes of Pepper Dennis tonight. It was just so stupid, I couldn't watch. It should've been a satire of itself, but instead it was trying to be funny by being just what it was -- a comedy about a TV news reporter. Is that really interesting to anyone? I recommend renting Anchorman with Will Ferrell instead.

The most interesting thing was watching Brooke Burns, who used to be on Baywatch, and once hosted a game show called Dog Eat Dog (contestants competed in various physical and mental challenges).

Brooke didn't look quite right to me, and I don't think it was because she's been made to be a brunette. Her smile just looked too big. Maybe I felt that way because I knew that she almost broke her neck before the show began filming. (She had a swimming pool accident -- dove into the shallow end of the pool, and ended up with a rod in her neck.) Evidently she's okay now. Pretty scary, though.

Brooke also used to be an occasional guest panelist on the 2000 version of To Tell The Truth hosted by John O'Hurley (post-Seinfeld and pre-Dancing with Celebrities) before that show collapsed after Paula Poundstone was arrested.

Speaking of satire, I saw American Dreamz this afternoon. Now at least that made fun of Idol, which I -- unlike most of America -- cannot enjoy this time around. So sleazy it makes America's Next Top Model seem wholesome. Okay, maybe not. In any case, made me wish all of America would be wanting the satire at this point and not the "real thing." Hugh Grant is so fun to hate, and Mandy Moore was pretty good as an ambitious young thing doing whatever she needs to win. I say forget the TV show and go see the movie of the TV show.

Uh oh. Did I recommend movies about TV shows instead of actual TV shows twice in this post? Blasphemy.

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