Friday, April 21, 2006

American Investor... Dream a little dream for me

I saw AMERICAN INVENTOR for the first time last night. It was sort of amusing to see the INVENTIONS, but unfortunately there were also the AMERICANS to contend with. What is happening to us, people? Judging by the reactions of the contestents whose mediocre-to-lousy inventions are turned down (reminiscent of the lousy singers who are rejected on American Idol auditions) all Americans seem to assume that they are "winners." Okay, yes, this is partially because of Reality TV shows making fame more seem democratic -- but hasn't everyone watched enough of these shows to see that, um, most people lose? Or are we just so programmed to identify with the few who do win?

By the way, I have just one thing to say about Ace Young being voted off. YES, IT WAS THE PONY TAIL.

So many people these days seem to actually believe that they must have a "dream" and then they should pursue that "dream" and then they will achieve that dream. But hey. Are we all that special? And it's not just a matter of trying "really, really" hard. The world just doesn't have a need or space or the economic potential for all our dreams to come true. But the media keeps giving us that message, as opposed to something closer to the truth: the vast majority have to go through life doing stupid, repetitive, boring, low paying jobs and will never be famous or even get good grades.

One person after another on the clip show of American Inventor seemed so shocked to be turned down. Especially the bulletball guy. I mean, what was that? Hitting a ball back and forth on a table? And he'd devoted the past 20 years of his life to marketing it?

Not that you can blame the kids for being in tears -- they were the victim of over-zealous parents.

Though I have to say, I sort of liked the idea of the leashes for the remote controls. Around my house we have stuffed animals taped to our remote controls so they don't get lost.

Anyway, the Sackmaster guy had to be sacked because he was too arrogant. The Unbrella woman's prototype never worked, so I felt bad for her. Though she seemed way too emotional, and I thought her "life partner" must have been insulted when she said she had nothing else in her life. And Erik Thompson -- the guy who won out of the three people Ed Evangelista chose to mentor -- is going to have a tough time. I mean, how many people need to buy a Receiver’s Training Pole?

I may watch this show. Or I may not. By and large, the inventions I saw on last night's show were pretty dull. Try harder, people. And maybe, should I say it, dream a little bigger?


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