Tuesday, March 07, 2006

They'll always have Paris

Well, according to Tennessean.com -- "Middle Tennessee's #1 Online News Source" -- Travis and Sarah were never able to get things going again after returning from Paris, so it's official. The ring he gave her to wear as a necklace will never make it to her finger. And I suppose they realized what many of us viewers already knew: we are boring together. Travis makes excuses about the time they spent apart making them grow apart because it was so unnatural. But perhaps even more true is that the time they spent together in Paris was unnatural and made everything seem more exciting than it really was. I think he should give Moana a call. Or maybe Jehan. Did it really matter that she'd been married once before?

This is my new fantasy "After the Show" show: Bachelor realizes the error of his ways and seeks out Bachelorette he rejected. She gives him a hard time at first, but then forgives him. They get married, do The Amazing Race together, have kids and eventually end up on Wifeswap.

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