Thursday, March 02, 2006

So many finales, so little time

Fans of The Bachelor are wondering if Travis Stork and Sarah from Nashville are still together. Did the proposal mean anything? Was Travis ever really excited about the girl from down the street? Rumor has it that they’ve already broken up. And there doesn’t seem to be any “After the Show” show with them appearing happily together.

And then there’s Skating with Celebrities. Where Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler REALLY ARE having an affair. (Well, at least, according to Star and People.) After seeing them tonight on Skating with Celebrities, I have to believe they are. Everything the judges and hosts said seemed to have relationship innuendo in it. And their body language. All the hugs and kisses. Kristy Swanson in tears. Lloyd Eisner saying she gave him back his chance. They sure seemed like a couple. Which makes the show so much better, doesn’t it? Now that’s Reality TV.

Jillian Barberie and John Zimmerman were anticlimactic after that act. They looked gorgeous in their ice blue outfits and they skated really great as usual, but unfortunately Jill fell while attempting a jump.

Though I might ask: Why did Kristy and Lloyd have to dance to Superfreak? Was that really the best choice? We wanted something romantic! (Like the Faith Hill song that Jill and John skated to.)

Because the thing about The Bachelor is that we (women) WANT to think that the falling love part is really happening. Witness how Sarah and Moana both proclaimed that they were “head over the heels in love” (Moana) and “ready to spend the rest of my life with him” (Sarah). Travis never said anything like that that I can remember. He said Sarah made him “happy,” and that’s about it. I don’t think he ever said he was in love with her. And I don’t think he ever had as much invested in the whole process as they did. It seems like the women forgot that it’s, like, a TV show and manufactured circumstances. I can only recall one second place bachelorette NOT crying in the limo, and the was Tina Fabulous. (What ever happened to her?) I mean, you’d think they would be prepared, at this point, to realize that they have been involved in a fiction. Moana seemed to have forgotten he was dating another woman the whole time. And she proclaimed how they always knew each others thoughts just by looking at each other, and he understood her like no one else… She was lost in her own fiction.

And Kristy and Lloyd seem to be lost in the romantic fiction of their dance partnership. But at least they both agree on the fiction. That's true love, isn't it? When both believe the fiction?

No surprise that Kristy and Lloyd won the competition.

Perhaps the most surprising thing of the week for me, though, is that I am now rooting for Santino Rice on Project Runway. How can this be? I’ve hated him all the way through and wanted him to be voted off every week. But when they showed his snapshots from childhood and we got to know him and saw how he has totally devoted his whole life to being a designer, I felt sympathy for him. Also, from what I could see, his collection looked gorgeous and much better than the other two.

But can you believe Chloe Dao has SEVEN SISTERS!!!????

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