Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cindy Cruciger NOT a TV watcher

Next author up on the Girlfriend's Cyber Circuit tour is Cindy Cruciger. She says her novel is "not your typical romance. This is not a romance for normal people. Revenge Gifts is a romance for the lunatic fringe."

The story?

REVENGE GIFTS takes place over thirteen days spanning a full moon. Tara Cole is an extremely powerful attractant to ghosts, specifically ghosts seeking revenge. One spirit attracted to Tara in particular is the voodoo loa Erzulie, goddess of love, envy, jealousy and revenge. In thirteen days Tara’s life is turned upside down by a Reversal of Fortune curse placed on her by an angry recipient of one of her revenge gifts.

Judging by her imagination, I don't think Cindy really needs a TV screen to take her into another dimension. So it's not surprising she doesn't indulge. I asked her my usual questions.

Are you a TV watcher?

Not really, no. But if someone in the house turns it on I will watch. Last weekend I watched "The Corpse Bride" at least three times. This complete inability of mine to watch a show once and get on with my life is why I try to avoid TV.

What's your favorite show ever?

Star Trek

What TV character (past or present) do you identify with most?

I can't think of a single one. Weird.

Does your main character watch any TV in the novel?

Tara hates TV. There is actually a joke in there where one of the characters (Sam) stays with Tara and freaks because she has no TV.

"Where's the TV?"
"There isn't one."
"Babe. You've got some serious issues."

People really do consider you an alien, she says, if you don't have a TV in your home.

Well, no judgments here... but considering Cindy does manage to resist TV like her main character, maybe we should investigate whether she has an actual birth certificate or not. She does have a website and you can find out more about here there. And while you're on her website, I dare you not to play with the fish!

Wow, that does sound kind of lunatic ;) Maybe I'll have to read it.
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