Saturday, March 04, 2006

Author Michelle Richmond keeps her TV hidden and has TIVO!

Next up on the Girlfriend's Cyber Circuit is Michelle Richmond. She grew up in Alabama but now lives in my hometown San Francisco, where she publishes the online literary journal Fiction Attic.

Her novel DREAM OF A BLUE ROOM is about 32-year-old Jenny, who finds herself sitting on the deck of a Chinese cruise ship and on her lap is a tin containing the ashes of her best friend, Amanda Ruth, mysteriously murdered fourteen years earlier in a small Alabama town. As the ship moves slowly up the Yangtze River from one abandoned village to another, Jenny confronts her haunted past and journeys deeper into her own guilt and eroticism.

I haven't read it yet, but sounds fascinating!

I asked Michelle my usual TV questions. Interestingly, she is the second of my interviewees who seems to be channeling Samantha Stephens from Bewitched. Are we ALL closet witches here?

Are you a TV watcher?

Yes! I live in San Francisco, which means I know a lot of people who say with obvious and somewhat overstretched pride, "I don't own a TV!" But I do own one, and it's big (although I hate the look of a television in a room, so it's hidden behind closed doors in a piece of furniture that looks nothing like a TV cabinet), and I even have TIVO.

What's your favorite show ever?

Hmmm, ever? That would be a toss-up between Northern Exposure and Bewitched. But my current favorites have both been ditched by their networks--Arrested Development and The Office. These are the only shows I regularly tune into aside from Project Runway.

What TV character (past or present) do you identify with most?

Samantha Stephens, Bewitched. Okay, I know she didn't have a job or anything, but she deserves some credit for being, you know, immortal. I liked her sass.

Does your main character watch any TV in the novel?


You mean they don't have TV on the Yangtzee River?

For more about Michelle check out her website. And you can read an excerpt from Dream of the Blue Room in USA Today.

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