Friday, February 17, 2006

Surprise Elimination on Dancing with the Stars

Or maybe not so surprising. After Len Goodman insulted Jerry Rice the other night, I was wondering if people would vote for nice guy Rice and Lisa Rinna would be saying good-bye. Even Len seemed to be eating his words and kissing up to Jerry tonight. Lo and behold, Lisa was voted off. Everyone was so sad -- particularly, I thought, emcee Samantha Harris -- you'd think we were watching a drama here. I know everyone's bonding like crazy on the show, but hey it's just a dance contest people!

After her elimination was announced, Lisa Rinna's husband Harry Hamlin looked so worried... but maybe that was because Lisa and her dance partner Louis Van Amstel can't keep their hands and lips off each other, and Lisa said Louis was her soul mate. I certainly think the wives and husbands of the dancers are being good sports here. Drew Lachey's wife, who is plumply pregnant, doesn't seem phazed at all about how her husband's dance partner Cheryl Burke wanted Len to know that they were truly passionate when they danced and Drew recommended that Len take "a little blue pill" to get in touch with his own sex drive.

Stacy Keibler looked humbled when it was down to the last two and we were waiting to see if it would be her or Lisa. I was intrigued. Could America vote her off? Now that would've been a true upset. But no. She'll be back. And it will really be between her and Drew. Does he have a chance? How are the women out there voting? I wonder...

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