Monday, February 06, 2006

Skating with Really Cute Guys, I mean Celebrities

What a night! Skating with Celebrities on from 8 to 9. The Bachelor on from 9 to 11. How am I supposed to have a life?

The first two couples tonight were hard to beat. Jillian Barberie’s washboard abs were impressive with her little bra/bathing suit top. And finally Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisner were truly appreciated by that icky judge John Nicks. Plus I finally noticed something. Lloyd Eisner and Jillian’s partner John Zimmerman are REALLY HOT. Hot in a way that male skaters usually are not hot, if you know what I mean. Gee. How had I not noticed? Okay, actually I had noticed about Lloyd, but the other guy had somehow not been on my radar, and I realized tonight that he's cute too!

Now, it was ridiculous that Bruce Jenner and Tai Babalonia came in first last week. I think that was more about sentiment for the two 70s stars than skill. But Bruce has gotten so good considering he just started skating 7 weeks ago and he’s the old guy there. He’s doing jumps, “edge work” as they say, lifting Tai, spinning. I guess the guy really is an athlete, huh? Though, as that judge said, he is so stiff. Though, as Bruce said, bad knees, kidney surgery and 2 Olympics…

It was no surprise that Dave Coulier got booted. Bruce outskated him! Nancy Kerrigan seemed truly sad to have to go. But none of this was as good as the time she skated with Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live. Now that was a classic.

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