Monday, February 06, 2006

Skating with The Bachelor

Moana’s dad was annoying. It was the first time I saw Travis struggling to please someone else, and her father just let him stew. It was actually kind of funny to see Travis in the hot seat for a change. The weird thing to me was: why didn’t Moana’s mother or step-mother say one word during the entire segment? The dad was so rude and hostile and no one stepped in to make nice. Was that the editing? Or do they let the dad speak for them all the time? Kind of weird.

Also frustrating. I had no more sense of what goes on between Moana and Travis after seeing them together. They kissed after he left the house, but it was hard to read. I’m not getting any sense of “connection” (as they say) between the two of them. So how has she gotten this far?

Sarah B. from Winnipeg and Travis seemed happy and giggly together while they were feeding the birds at that ugly river. (I wish they would’ve shown us more of Winnipeg!) And then they went to the bar and there was all that tension over Moana.

Then he went to her house. Sarah’s two brothers were so cute, how they sat there smiling. Travis got freaked out that Sarah still lived with her mom. I guess he’s worried that she’s too young and that made her seem younger.

When they were alone together on her bed, I felt like they really needed to be alone together to talk. I wished there wasn’t a camera on them. But there’s so much more between them than there is with him and Moana. (unless it’s the editing…)

Travis has some questions about Sarah from Nashville. He thinks she’d make a great mom, and would be fun to hike with… but it that all? Meaning… he’s not sure if he wants to have sex with her. Other problem: will she move away from her family in Nashville to be with him in the mountains. Where he would like to hike with her. But might not want to have sex with her.

I think Travis is bored with Sarah from Nashville. She’s totally appropriate and totally blah. He didn’t need to go on the show to get her.

Or maybe I’m just bored with her. She seems nice and everything but she never says anything interesting. But maybe I’m just not catching all the Southern clues that would tell me they’re bonding. I did like the video of her singing when she was a teenager. That made her seem spunkier than she seems otherwise. And "the kindergarten teacher" would make a good mom…

I admit, I missed most of what Susan was saying during their picnic cuz I was (sort of) paying attention to my family. She seemed to be saying something convoluted about glasses being half empty and full… I just see her as an opportunist actress who is rebounding from a broken engagement. And she’ll never go hiking with Travis in the mountains… though he probably would like to have sex with her. That’s the eternal problem of all men, isn’t it? How to find the woman who you can hike with AND have sex with. It was a good moment when Susan’s mother said she might just be… (dramatic pause)… acting.

Back in Paris, after the videos, I felt as confused as Travis seemed to. Should he marry the good mother kindergarten teacher? The cute student who likes to camp out? The sexy actress who would make a great trophy wife? Why was Moana so emotional when it seems like they never really connected? How did he complete her? (They MUST be editing stuff out.) It’s tough.

The real question is… not who does he want to marry… but who would he want to go on an amazing overnight date with.

So who did he get rid of?

My favorite! Sarah from Winnipeg. Okay, maybe she was too young. But she grew on me. I can’t say I’m very excited by any of the ones who are left. But maybe we’ll finally see what’s so great about Moana. Or will they keep editing that out?

Who am I going to root for now?

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