Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dancing With the Stars With Fake Tans

It wasn't very exciting tonight. I don't know if it's because of the dances being sort of dull or what, but it was hard to get emotionally involved. I think we saw Tia for the last time. I was impressed to hear that Lisa Rinna is 42 and keeping up with all those twenty-year-olds. So for a minute or so I wanted her to win. She really does seem to want it more than anyone. But I wish she would relax a little. And it was cute watching Jerry Rice dance with his daughter. But I dunno... I still miss Tatum.

George Hamilton said something about how he started out tan, but now everyone was tanned. That's become the most notable thing on the show. How they all have fake tans. So I gape at the fake tans... and Stacy Keibler's legs... and that vien on her forehead that pops out. One of the judges said she was as good as the professionals. I wondered if the professionals felt at all insulted by that. Can you get that good in a few weeks? (I ask the same question while watching Skating with Celebrities...) Stacy Keibler has perfected being all sweet and nice and girl next door saying the right things... and then you see her on cover of Stuff magazine looking all soft-porn... she's got it all figured out!

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