Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dancing with the Stars Upset is not Upsetting

I have to admit that I felt a bit of (okay, a lot of) smug satisfaction that Stacy Keibler was eliminated before Jerry Rice and so came in third. Obviously she's the better dancer, but the show is also a popularity contest, and I'm betting all the women out there (and let's face it, women must be the vast majority of viewers for this show) just did not want to see her take the trophy. Why? Okay, yes. WE'RE ALL JEALOUS. We want those legs, we want the fake tan, we want the sexy butt (Her last dance was all about her butt -- even the camera angle was from behind most of the time.)

Anyway, Stacy Kiebler was her usual nicey-nice gracious self after being told she was ousted... "We're all winners" and she was crying and congratulating everyone else and it was so touching and now she's famous and probably won't have to be a professional wrestler anymore, so I guess she really is the winner in the scheme of things...

After Stacy was gone and we got to see all the old familiar faces, the only suspense was whether Jerry's popularity would make the show a complete sham, because it would be ridiculous for him to win. Which raises the question... if the audience voted for the obviously inferior dancer, would they override the decision? In other words, is the show fixed? Seems to me the judges must've been told to give Stacy all tens and Drew all nine's for the last dance just to up the anxiety level so we'd stay through the commercials. I mean hey, Drew Lachey JUMPED over Cheryl Burke's HEAD.

I personally want to congratulate all the stars and professionals for getting through the show without having an affair with their partners. (Now that everyone knows about Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler having an affair I can't wait to see them perform for the last time when their final episode airs!)

And, finally, I have to congratulate Drew's wife for not going up on stage and wrestling Cheryl Burke off her husband.

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