Friday, February 10, 2006

Dancing with the Stars Says Good Bye to George Hamilton!

It was truly a sad end to tonight's show when George Hamilton was voted off. He is the sweet kind charming funny daddy figure, and I guess his chicken dance during the Viennese Waltz last night wasn't enough to save him for another week. At least he sounded just a little bit relieved that he didn't have to learn two more dances for next week. I called it wrong -- I thought Jerry Rice would be voted off. But I've been choosing all the wrong bachelorettes for Travis Stork too, so what do I know? It seemed like maybe it would be Lisa Rinna voted off -- she was in the bottom two with George, and how many Lisa Rinna fans are out there? And will she please just TELL us exactly what it going on with her lips? But I guess she deserved to stay, in that obviously her dance skills are much better than George's or Jerry's.

And yes, it was slightly annoying and not really that funny when George proposed to Stacy Keibler over and over again, especially at the expense of ignoring his own adorable and gorgeous partner Edyta Sliwinska . She was such a good partner for him, made him look good, laughed at his jokes. How dare he flirt with Stacy!

Anyway, Jerry has his work cut out for him. And dare I say he will be voted out next. Or maybe it's Lisa who should be worried now...

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