Monday, February 27, 2006

The Bachelor picks (yawn) Sarah (yawn) is it over yet (yawn)

Well, I'd say this has to be my least favorite season of The Bachelor of all time. I really felt the sadism of the show. How the women get so emotionally involved, and how manipulative the whole set up is, and how hurtful it is in the end. (Yes, we all know this going into it, but it seemed worse this time, or am I jaded?) And unfortunately for Moana, she got it bad in the last episode. I felt true remorse for her when she said she was emotionally devastated. She really did seem emotionally devastated. And then it went to a commercial. And when it came back Travis said how awful he felt. And then he picked Sarah. (Yawn.) And said he was so happy. (Yawn.)

I have nothing against Sarah from Nashville. She seems very nice and upstanding. Travis too. They're good people. But Sarah was just such an incredibly safe choice. Why go on the show? Doesn't he meet lots of Sarahs all the time? And it seemed wrong for him to act happy with her after what he'd just done. I didn't want to watch them kiss and giggle because I was still feeling bad for Moana. Why should they be making out after he'd just done this hurtful thing?

But I did see it coming. Moana wasn't privy to the scenes with his family, and how they said she "just didn't fit it." And it's true. That family spoke in cliches, and for them that's comfortable. For them the cliches seemed deeper than Moana trying to really put words to her feelings instead of just saying "he's amazing" and "we really had a connection." It's a cultural/socio/religious thing. She was too ethnic. Too exotic. Too hard to identify.

And that's why I couldn't relate to Travis the whole way through. His family would definitely not see me as fitting in! So I guess it isn't surprising that every time I started to get interested in a woman on this show he eliminated her. I didn't pick right one single time. Though I did think he would pick Sarah tonight -- unless we were being totally thrown off by the editing. His last date with Moana didn't have the spark. He just basically ate and left. And he didn't seem too warm towards her, whereas he was snuggling with Sarah after they ate even though she was a lousy tennis player. Someone in a Yahoo chat group I'm in said she looks like Wilma on The Flintsones, and I think that's true!

I wasn't a big fan of Moana in the beginning because she seemed too unstable, but by the last episode I was willing to look past all of her emotionalism because at least she seemed intelligent and aggressive and different and she didn't speak in cliches and when they (Travis's family) wanted her to talk in cliches she refused to. Travis and Sarah can speak in cliches now and have an "amazing connection" together until they put each other to sleep. Okay, I shouldn't have said that. They're comfortable together. Fine. But I hope Moana finds someone who can appreciate her. But I would make on request to ABC. Can they please not allow anyone on the next season to say they have an "amazing connection?" I sure didn't have an amazing connection to this show.

Which probably won't stop me from watching next time. Isn't that terrible?

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