Monday, February 13, 2006

Another Father Figure Goes Home on Skating with Celebrities

On the heels of sending George Hamilton home on Dancing With the Stars, they sent the sentimental father-figure Bruce Jenner home on Skating With Celebrities. It had to happen of course. It was so obvious that his skating doesn’t come close to Jillian Barberie and John Zimmerman. Scott Hamilton and Summer Saunders did their best to hype the end as if there was any real question who would win. Okay, that’s their job. But this “skate-off” was irrelevant -- just a way to take up the rest of the hour, I guess. Was that the only thing they could think of?

Anyway, the high point of the show was watching Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler skate. It came right after a cute video of them practicing together, giggling a lot, and Kristy saying he was like an older brother to her. Then they did this really hot, sexy skate together on the show. Kristy looked happier and better than ever (has she lost weight?) and they “really had a connection,” which has to be the cliché of the decade. I think they should get married or have an affair or something.

Who will win between Kristy and Jillian? Could go either way… Does it really matter? Not really. Both teams are really good. For some reason the last show isn’t until two weeks from now. I hope I catch it. But if I miss it, that’s okay too. I have the feeling this show isn’t coming back, huh? The thing is… we all thought it was going to be packed with people falling and hurting themselves and humiliating themselves. The skill level, dare I say it, was too high.

There was a nice moment near the end, though. Tai was crying. She has the most interesting smile. Is it the teeth? Anyway, she said that she loved, when they're skating together, to look up and see Bruce. That was sweet.

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