Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tatum is Out!

I was afraid of this.

Maybe I should've voted for her. I have a policy of not voting for reality shows. I feel like voting would enslave me to the network. Make me their patsy. Isn't it enough that I am insulted by every member of my family for watching these shows? ("You are so degenerate..." "I can't believe you're wasting your time on this..." These are quotes from my CHILDREN.

But maybe I should've voted. Maybe I'm being a snob. Maybe the kind of people who would vote for Tatum or not the kind of people who would vote, and that is why she is gone.

This is what I'm realizing about myself: I root for the underdog. I suppose I must identify with the ones who have to work harder to get somewhere. Or maybe it's not a matter of "work harder," since they all seem to be working hard (well, most of them.) Maybe I identify with the ones who are the odd ones, the troubled ones, the outcasts...

Or maybe it's just that I identify with the ones who aren't tall blond female professional wrestlers who studied ballet, tap and jazz as a child and has been a model, actress and cheerleader.

I'm sorry. I know, Stacy Keibler did a great job. She was sexy, she was graceful... And she even had the correct false modesty in her interview, saying she hadn't even imagined herself as a first place contender. (Whereas Tatum boasted that she would take the first spot.)

But I can't root for her. She makes me feel too inadequate.

So now who do I root for? I don't know. I can't get into rooting for any of the men. I just don't care if they do well or not. Lisa Rinna? There's something very botox-gone-wrong with her upper lip. Maybe. Tia Carrera? She did just have a baby. And her partner is scary-mean. But I fear she will be out soon, and Lisa too. Maybe I should go for a winner. Maybe that would be good for me mentally. And since I can't stomach the wrestler, maybe Giselle. At least she shows some signs of aging... and there is the "have to live up to my father" thing. I don't know. None of them come close to being the underdog Tatum was. Hmmm. maybe my new favorite will be clear to me on the next show. We'll see...

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