Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stephanie's Reasons Why Not

I was looking forward to watching Emily's Reasons Why Not because it's a television show based on a chicklit novel. I came prepared to like Heather Graham on the show even though she's blonde and cute and has a perfect figure and all that. After all, she was in one of my favorite movies... Bowfinger... and I admit I even enjoyed her in the Austin Powers movie.

But. The thing is. It was such an inferior, LAified copy of Sex and the City. And not nearly as intelligent. And her performance, though cute, as expected, just did not have the depth that we came to expect from Sarah Jessica. She, and the entire show, ended up reminding me more of Hillary Duff in Lizzie Mcguire than anything else.

I haven't been watching Sex and the City in reruns. After experiencing them being these precious and slowly parceled out shows on HBO, they've just seemed too plentiful to seem so special anymore. But I found myself watching two of them last night, back to back, and enjoying them. Especially the one that has Charlotte's birthday in Atlantic City. I guess Emily's Reasons Why Not made me appreciate them all over again. But I don't think that's a good enough reason to watch that bland show.

It does look awful. I hope it goes off the air soon.

I like "How I Met Your Mother", on Mondays. I hope it takes off.
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