Thursday, January 19, 2006

Skating with Celebrities Scores Low

I've been looking forward to Skating with Celebrities ever since I heard about it, but found it somewhat disappointing. NOBODY FELL! They were teasing us with ads all week showing everybody falling and getting horrible bruises and I couldn't believe these celebrities -- no, let's just say mere mortals -- were actually attempting to DO these things. They had to be crazy.

But everyone did just fine. It was so disappointing. No one seemed very crazy.

Except the judges. The judges get the worst scores of the night. Okay, I love Dorothy Hamill and she is such a wonderful skater and she's fine for being the nice "Paula" judge, so that was fine. But the other two guys? The one with the glasses was the obviously mean one, but unlike Simon his meanness didn't reflect that he was the only one seeing the truth. It seemed completely random if he liked someone or not. And the other guy was just bland and nice and we don't need two nice judges. And the scores made no sense whatsoever.

Kristy Swanson and her pro partner Lloyd Eisner got robbed if you ask me. She was really good, doing all these lifts and things so much more complicated than Deborah Gibson. Yet Kristy and Lloyd were insulted by the judges -- even Dorothy! That was a downer. I mean, Bruce Jenner looked like a skating HULK and I almost broke a bone just from tensing up to see if he would fall, but they were fawning all over him. He even admitted to playing golf with Scott Hamilton last month. Should a contestant be playing golf with the host? Is that all Bruce Jenner does with his life now? Play golf? And get plastic surgery? And sire children? When they showed his family, it looked like he had like ten kids.

Plus, the scoring just took too long. I don't want to sit there through both technical merit scores AND artistic scores, especially when they don't make any sense. This is one way they should've copied Dancing with the Stars and didn't. Just make the boring scoring part quick.

And let them make sense.

Though I will say Jillian Barberie was great. I just think she took it a little too seriously when Dorothy Hamill told her she could have a professional skating career.

As Lloyd said when Scott asked him how he felt about his low scores: he's seen a lot of unfair scoring in his career. Well, I give this show a low score. Especially for originality. Once they got their concept, they didn't know what to do with it but make a bad copy of Dancing with the Stars. Artistic Merit? Zero.

Have you heard the latest? It seems that Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisner, of Skating with Celebrities, are an item. Lloyd left his pregnant wife to move in with Kristy. He has a one child and another on the way, but just couldn't deny his newfound love for Kristy. What a jerk, and isn't she just a dream?
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