Monday, January 30, 2006

Skating with Celebrities Melting the Ice

What I don’t get is the skill level of these people. If you can learn how to do all this stuff at their ages in this amount of time, maybe we’ve been overly impressed by all those pros at the Olympics.

Anyway. Like the first week, I was bothered by the inconsistency in the judging. Jillian Barberie (looking a little Jane Fonda... or Nancy Sinatra?) and her partner John Zimmerman were SO impressive. They did this great performance (all things considered) and the judges were nitpicking on them. I kept thinking that Jillian and John were looking at the judges thinking… what the hell? Didn’t you SEE what we just did?

Then, when Tai Babilonia and Bruce Jenner skated and scored better – even though skill-wise they obviously weren’t nearly as good… once again I had to wonder how these judges are coming up with their scores. HOWEVER… Bruce did seem like he’d improved since the first week, when he was very stiff and I was just worried he would fall. There was a sort of grace with the two of them.

Dave Coulier trumped them all when he came out in drag. Evidently the judge last week told him to get in touch with his feminine side. As Dorothy Hamill (whose dress was so low cut I thought both her breasts were going to fall out) said, he could get a job on Broadway in John Water’s HAIRSPRAY. The other judge said he could get work in Provincetown, MASS. I wonder if most of America knew what he was talking about. Dave seems kind of shy whenever he’s interviewed -- not much like a comic, which is how they keep introducing him. Even with the big red wig on he seemed rather self-contained. And his skating is pretty basic. Not many fancy tricks there. And we already saw Nancy Kerrigan dressed as a guy the first week, so that didn't seem right. But you have to love the dress.

The "faux Simon" judge got mad at Lloyd Eisner because Kristy Swanson was in the air too much. But why not praise her for all the risks she was taking? Would the judges score them low because she fell even though her skills are obviously head and shoulders (no pun intended) over Dave Coulier and Nancy Kerrigan?

As we saw Dave remain safe and Kristy go in the hot seat, you had to wonder. Is this about funny costumes or skill? Maybe it is wrong to do it by skill when they all obviously began with different levels of talent. But I am confused.

Deborah Gibson seemed much improved. She almost seemed graceful some of the time, and she used all her dancing skills. She didn’t really do her lunge, though, and Kurt Browning looked like he was going to collapse when he had to lift her, so you really have to give it to her to even dare allow it.

The winner? The suspense was killing me during the commercial break. But… justice was served. Deborah Gibson got voted off. She seemed genuinely sad. But she just wasn't up to the level of Kristy and Lloyd even if Kristy did fall. Great moment when Lloyd Eisner was confused and thought he and Kristy were voted out. All was resolved. But Kristy still looked kind of unhappy until the show ended. Maybe she's tired of risking her life only to be criticized. Maybe she's just frustrated with herself. But you know what's so clear between watching this show and also Dancing with the Stars? People really get into working with a partner and challenging themselves and competing. We all should be doing this in some way shape or form. It's not enough to be vicarious observers. Yes. Every single one of us should aspire to some event in the Olympics.

And now that I know it's not so hard to do a death spiral....

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