Sunday, January 29, 2006

Okay, so there is some justice in the world

P. Miller finally got voted out on Dancing with the Stars. Thank god. I am now ready to make my incredible predictions as far as who is going to win. Here is the order that everyone is going to get voted off from here on out.

Tia Carrere
Jerry Rice
George Hamilton
Lisa Rinna
Drew Lachey
then we will be left with
Stacy Keibler, who will win.

I am wondering why I can't get myself to watch a sitcom or a drama. I only seem to be able to watch reality shows. Why is this? I watched a few minutes of Crumbs and can I just say it was... crummy? Ha ha, yeah, I know, that was a really funny and brilliant remark. But even though I love Jane Curtin and the guy from The Wonder Years... it made me cringe. The humor. Is it possible to be funny on a sitcom anymore? And I just don't want to watch anything that's going on in a hospital. Because I have the feeling I would like Grey's Anatomy, theoretically, but I just can't watch it. I don't want to see what's going to happen to anyone who is sick. And I used to love ER, so it's not that I have never been this way.

I watched the Lisa Loeb show tonight. #1 Single I don't know... it was just... sort of boring. I liked when her glasses fogged up when she came in out of the cold. She ate a lot of donuts... that was kind of scary. And it was funny after she went to the hairdresser who got her hair "just so" and then she went outside and this huge gust of wind blew it out. Mostly, though, the show seemed planned out and like they were trying too hard to make something interesting happen, but there wasn't really much interesting happening. And why did she walk around in her thong with her butt all hanging out when she was on what's-his-face's TV show? (Isaac, the clothing designer guy whose last name I'm going to spell wrong if I try.) Plus it was disconcerting how there was an ad for her album during the ads.

Somehow I found it more interesting to switch the channel and watch The Girl's Next Door, about Hugh Hefner's girlfriends. I now feel I can actually tell the three blonde bunnies them apart. Why is it more interesting to watch a show about three blonde bunnies who live at the Playboy mansion than to watch a show about an intelligent Jewish 37-year-old brunette in New York City? Now there is something to ponder...

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