Thursday, January 26, 2006

If you ask me, the stars are having TOO good a time.

This is my feeling about everyone on Dancing With the Stars: they are having too good a time. They're starting to make me feel kind of depressed to be sitting at home eating chocolate watching them laugh and joke around and burn calories and wear red socks with rhinestones.

That said... here is MY judgements after tonight.

I've decided Jerry Rice should win simply because he is the nicest guy. And he took a ballet lesson. That was so cute, it made me giggle.

I think Tia is going to get voted out this week. They had her dance early (how do they decide the order?) and the dance was not remarkable enough, even though it was fine. Either Tia, or maybe P. Miller will finally get the axe this week. He is really getting to be a drag, isn't he? And when they talked about how little he's practicing. Come on!

As for Lisa Rinna? We've all been looking with horror at her strange upper lip. But this week she seemed to be on some sort of energy drug. She was so keyed up it really made me nervous. Her dance was excellent, yes. She seemed to actually match the moves of her dance partner Louis Van Amstel, and you can't say that for many of the dancers. But is it slightly odd how Louis Van Amstel looks a lot like her husband? I kept confusing them. And then she said she was doing this for her family. And then she said that all the people on the show were like family. And I started to feel like she's just... well... too excited. Calm down. Please? Oh and I didn't like how she declared that she is an underdog. She is not allowed to declare that. Kelly Monoco was an underdog. Tatum was an underdog. Lisa just has weird lips.

I loved seeing Drew Lachey with the real matador. That was cool. And dancing to Thriller. But I still feel like there's something missing in his dancing even though, technically speaking, he's the best male. But I don't want him to go because I need that shot of Nick Lachey every week, just so I can wonder if Jessica is at home watching.

As for Stacy Keibler. Yes, she does have fantastic legs. Yes, she's probably the best dancer. Yes, she will probably win. Yes, life is unfair.

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