Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Bachelor is in Paris and my living room

I had a lot of fun Monday night watching The Bachelor premiere. I watched along with ten other women... though I've never met any of them. They're all on a Yahoo group list I'm on, and we were in a chat room. On our computers. So I'm getting a vicarious thrill watching a bunch of women I've never met trying to snag a husband along... with the company of a bunch of women I've never met... the imagination is a great thing, isn't it?

So I guess it's cool the program is being done in Paris. I haven't been in Paris since I was a kid, and it will be nice to "experience" that (in my imagination) but I have one question: How many shots of the Eiffel Tower do we need?

I knew I was entering the fantasy as soon as I heard Chris the MC say, "It's going to be a tough night." Yeah, really tough.

I am trying to like Travis. I saw him being interviewed on The View. He says all the “right” things ("I am doing this for all the right reasons") but has exhibited no individuality yet. He’s one of those strong-jawed, thick-necked “guy” guys who does not appear to have any vulnerability. Will he crack in any way during the show?

The women, in comparison, seem so desperate. Already talking about “popping out hot babies.”

Of course, it’s always hard on the first night. As Chris said, tough. For the viewer. None of the women seem like individuals yet. I now have the challenge, along with Travis, of discovering who these women are. One of the reasons the show is fun. People will reveal themselves.

So many of the women are short. Can’t they find any tall women for a tall guy?

Allie G, the Oncologist, was the star of the show. At first she seemed intriguing. She came out of the limo speaking French. He said: “Definitely the best introduction I had.” She was not afraid to be intelligent. I was rooting for her at first. I wanted him to pick another doctor instead of a young babe chick. But she ended up being a head case, telling him right off the back she was ready to “reproduce” (was this really the same woman?) and then getting angry with him later when he told her he didn’t pick her because he wasn’t ready to reproduce. Or, as he said, she was “putting the cart before the horse.” He’s right, but does he have to talk in clichés? Who is Travis deep down? Is there a deep down? Of course there must be. Everyone has a deep down, right? I’m suspsicios though, especially considering the young cute blonde he gave his first rose to. A student from Canada. Yes, she was cute. But she was just so YOUNG.

Of course, that's my POV as a not so young person. Most of the women in my chat room are younger than me, and maybe she didn't seem like such a bad choice to them. Since no one in my family will watch the show with me, I was glad to get some different point of views. For example, as someone online rightfully pointed out, the oriental rug looked horrible and did not match the floor. Also, many boobs were spilling out of those dresses. There was a lot of slouching on the couch. And Travis’s blue tie was ugly.

I can't wait until next week!

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