Monday, January 23, 2006

The Bachelor Gets More Interesting

I’m now watching the repeat of Travis’s date with Kristen. They’re on a boat on the Seine. It’s better (or should I say worse?) watching it knowing he’s going to dump her. There’s that added poignancy of seeing her completely unaware of the negative impression she’s making. (Though I must say – and I’m probably in the minority on this -- I liked it when she wore the lemon peel fangs.) But her poetry and post-it notes? Oh my god. It’s sort of sad seeing her totally misread him. Saying they have a “connection.” While he looks like he wants to jump overboard to get away from her.

But when Travis talks about the lemon peel fangs later and he keeps laughing, it’s actually the most “emotion” I’ve seen from him. I liked him then for the first time. (Except for the fact that it was kind of cruel and at her expense.)

She’s trying so hard to please him, and the more she does it, the quieter he gets, the more she starts being ridiculous. When she sees the rose on the table she almost hyperventilates imagining he’s going to give it to her. She’s imagining them spending their lives together. She’s talking about grandchildren. Having easy conversation with him (?) While he looks so tense! You'd think by now these women know to be more skeptical after having seen the show so many times in the past. Actually, most of them are much more aware of what's going on and what's expected of them. Now they're even letting us see the cameramen sometimes. And I have the distinct sense that a lot more stuff is scripted and planned. Oh well. It's inevitable.

So these were the women left at the end of last week:

Tara, retail sales, from San Diego, 23

Jehan, Vitamin Sales Rep, Chicago, 29

Jennifer, Model, Boston

Moana, Distribution Manager (what’s that?), LA, 26

Sarah B., Student, Winnipeg, 23

Sarah S., Kindergarten Teacher, Nashville, 26

Shiloh, Advertising Manager, Phoenix, 29

Susan, Financial Associate (bank teller?), Kansas, 25

And now...


finally begins


Why the tiny car? Are the producers going for comic affect or what?

How can Travis’s French accent be so bad?

Do we need to see the Eiffel Tower YET AGAIN?

Good bye to Jennifer the model. She didn’t have a chance camping with Travis and Sarah, who already told Travis she loved to camp out. Which actually seems kind of unfair of the producers, considering they set it up that he was getting rid of one of them by the end of the evening. Was this their way of getting rid of her? And Shiloh from Phoenix is gone too. She made the fatal error of badmouthing another one of the women. We've seen from previous episodes that doesn't go over very well.

Anyway, I have to admit, Sarah B is growing on me. I liked how she complained that the other women were answering all his questions as if they were “Miss America.” Speaking of Miss America, I am so bummed out I missed it. Why do I always miss it? I always try not to miss it, and then it’s on when I don’t realize it, and then I find out I missed it. At least I heard the talent competition wasn't anything special.

Oh, by the way, I heard Emily's Reasons Why Not was cancelled. Already. That was fast. So why did they even bother?

Comments: should get together with my mother. she loves the bachelor, too. i can't stomach it.

i'm glad emily's reasons why not got canceled. it looked awful!

i changed my novel title to "behaving badly." :)
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