Wednesday, December 28, 2005

TV Land marathon

On January 1, TV LAND is doing something really cool. They're airing 24 hours of pilots for classic shows like ALL IN THE FAMILY, THE MUNSTERS, CHEERS, MIAMI VICE, ER. This is such a cool idea. I recently saw the pilot for SEINFELD at the Museum of Television and Radio. Elaine was not in the cast yet -- somebody brilliant realized they needed to add a woman into the mix. And it was interesting to see how much it seemed more like a "normal" sitcom than it ended up being. At one point, Jerry sits cross-legged on a table in a laundromat and it looks SO set up and not what he would do. The timing was not yet there, and it wasn't all that funny. So it's really interesting to see how that show needed time to evolve, and for the creative forces to influence what got made.

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