Monday, December 12, 2005

There's a good article by Jennifer Armstrong this week in Entertainment Weekly about the future of television viewing. Soon we will be able to buy individual episodes for a buck or two. Will we do this? We're so used to getting it for "free" but then of course there is HBO. I hate to say we won't do something in the future because inevitably you sound old-fashioned and will be proven wrong. Evidently they figure sometime around 2010, our current young people will grow up thinking it's normal to buy TV shows to watch, so it'll become second nature. Also, a bunch of old classic shows will soon be available for free through AOL.

I'm sorry -- I have to interrupt myself here for a minute. I'm watching (half watching) Diane Keaton on Ellen right now. These are two of my favorite women in the world. Diane just gave a plug for her new movie The Family Stone, and she said it's so great because it's a story that really respects her character of a "housewife" who doesn't work and devotes her life to raising children. And then both Ellen and Diane took a moment to thank all the moms out there because they aren't appreciated enough. It just sort of amused me because these two women are great examples of women who have chosen to devote themselves to their careers and NOT family. I've been busy emulating THEM and shirking my duties as a housewife/mom (though I did skip the end of Survivor to take my son to the grocery store -- see previous post). Okay, this is better. Now Diane is joking about how she's "done with dating" and hasn't been serious with anyone for twenty years and no one is attracted to her. She's going to the premiere of the movie without an escort. Okay. Thank you, Diane. I'm inspired again. Phew.

Back to what I was mentioning before. Classic shows available online. That's cool. Though I still don't like the idea of watching TV on my computer. I guess that makes me old fashioned. The NEXT generation will do it. Will the next generation want to watch old shows?

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