Monday, December 05, 2005

Maybe I should explain why I titled my blog the History of Television. That might sound a little grandiose. I'm not attempting to explain the history of television here or anything. But my next novel YOU COULD DO BETTER, which won't be out until August 2006, is about a curator at the Museum of Television and Radio here in Manhattan. And so, after a year of obsessively reading about the history of TV, I've decided to focus my blog on my favorite medium.

Last night I watched the last episode of the season for Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David came to believe he's adopted, and that his birth parents are Christian. It was really funny. Especially when he died and went to heaven. Casting for his mother was perfect: Bea Arthur. I think of her more from her days on Maude than Golden Girls. In a way, Larry David is a reincarnation of Maude -- minus the feminist aspect, of course. And wasn't it perfect that everyone just started arguing about money after he flatlined? I loved how his wife didn't even seem very upset that he was gone. I will miss the show, though.

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