Monday, December 12, 2005

I missed the finale of Survivor last night. This seems to be a trend of mine. I saw the first half, and then my son wanted to go to the grocery store. I couldn't say no. So I taped it. And then, when I got home, it was still going on. And I got very confused. Should I watch the end that was still happening in real time? But what about the stuff that I had taped? I could've continued to tape the whole thing and then watched it all later, but I was at the end of the cassette and I couldn't figure out where it had stopped. And I didn't want to check the end of the tape in case it gave anything away. It's was just so confusing. The other thing was, I didn't want to watch the losers bad mouth the people who had tricked them and outlasted them. That's the whole point of the show, right? I wasn't in the mood to listen to them complain. Plus, I hate watching reality shows on tape. You need to be there when it's happening, don't you think? I ended up turning it off and going to bed.

Anyway, I caught up with the online recap this morning. I don't feel like I missed anything. At least AOL didn't SHOW THE WINNER on the home page, but just had photos of the final four. Might I believe they actually learned something or had some sensitivity towards those who had missed the show? Yeah, right...

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